Pawnee Elementary School, located at 7310 S 48th St, opened in 1966 on a sixteen-acre site in Sarpy County. In 1977, a six-room addition was added, and two storm shelters were added in 2018. Pawnee is a school strengthened by its diversity as it serves approximately 400 students. We have three classrooms at each grade: Kindergarten through sixth and a variety of intervention and enrichment programs in place to support all students. Programs which assist us in meeting the needs of our students include: English Learners (EL) Program, Literacy Services, Special Education services, Positive Action Center (PAC), GATE Program, and a full time school counselor. The Pawnee mission statement calls for a positive learning environment and fosters an “intentionally inviting” atmosphere that allows each student to develop his/her academic potential. The school strives to promote a genuine appreciation of human worth and dignity, as well as create an atmosphere where one's contributions are recognized and rewarded.