Behaviors and Expectations   


Procedures for the PIC:
Enter Quietly and find your seat.
Rules for the PIC include :
Respect for all (including other students, teachers, and books).
 Stop talking! (Zip it !)
    Ready to watch teacher! (Look!)
        Ready to listen! (Listen!)
(We use sign language for these three rules.)
Be ready, Be resourceful, Be respectful!
 We care: We share!!


Use a shelfmarker when making your selections. Remember: Reference books can only be used in the library. They cannot be checked out! If you have any problems with selecting a book, please check with Mrs. S.

Choose books using the 5 fingered rule:  
Select a page and read it .
 Find the word (s) with definitions that are unknown to you.
 Read for more unknown words on another page.
 If you find more than 5 words the book is too hard for you.
GOOD luck! (Any problems see Mrs. S )
 Complete work listed on the board or given verbally to you.


Daily FIVE:

"3 Ways to READ a Book

*Read the Pictures

*Read the Words

*Retell the story"

Boushey, Gail and Joan Moser. The daily 5 Fostering Literacy independence in the ElementaryGames.      Portland, Maine:Stenhouse Publishers, 2006.


"I PICK Good Fit Books

I  look at a book

P  urpose

C  omprehend

K  now all the words"

Boushey, Gail and Joan Moser. The Daily 5 Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Games. Portland, Maine:Stenhouse Publishers, 2006.

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