Pawnee's Media Center
Pawnee Elementary School, OPS
7310 So. 48th St., Omaha, NE
Mrs. S., Media Specialist
Hours of Operation:


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Pawnee's Media Center
Pawnee Elementary School, OPS
7310 So. 48th St., Omaha, NE
Mrs. S., Media Specialist
Hours of Operation:


Book Check Out -

Books are checked out for a period of one week.  Books can be renewed only by the student who would like more time to read them.  That student must see Mrs. S. or Mrs. J. with their book to renew it.
*Specific books cannot be renewed because of their popularity. Some examples are: Junie B.Jones, Captain Underpants, Whimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Big Nate, I Spy, Calvin and Hobbs , drawing books and specific author in resident books.

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Late Books and Damaged Books -

WE might be able to fix it!

Lost or Damaged Books:
It's a "NO, NO, NEVER RULE" to eat by a book!
Can you name anymore "No, No, Never" rules?

Books that are lost must be paid for so a replacement can be bought. These books must be replaced. They are usually replaced at a higher cost as books are very expensive.

Damaged books must also be replaced if they cannot be fixed.
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Circulation -
The PIC uses  "Library Solution Circulation": (Ls2).  With this new check-out system, a librarian or aide will be checking out the books.

The minimum books
your child can have checked out is one book and the maximum is five. Please check with your child regularly to make sure their books are **brought back within the one week period.

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Proud to be a Read Aloud School!


Library Staff


Welcome to the PIC.  Come in and select some books!






In library, all classes will learn the layout of the library. They will understand the positioning of Easy, Fiction and Non-Fiction shelves. They will learn how to use any library in the future.They will continue their love of reading by choosing books to their liking!
 K-1: Students will learn the rules of selecting a book, the using of a shelf marker, the rules of "no, no never" for use with a book, and how to check out the book. Pure enjoyment of listening to books is provided along with reciting rhymes and singing songs.

 2-3: Parts of a book, the Dewey Decimal System and the differences between fiction and non-fiction will be discussed. The reference book, the dictionary, is studied. Literature is included with Golden Sowers, Caldecotts, Newberys and more outstanding books. The Big Three is practiced when research projects are studied.

 4-6: The understanding of the BIG SIX and how to approach research is practiced. The make-up of reference books and when to use each is recommended. Special reference material is studied thoroughly using online references specifically. Bibliography citations are created and re-learned each year in MLA form.

Literature appreciation is included with Golden Sowers, Newberys, booktalks, oral plays, Kamashibai creations and the student's listening skills of oral tellings. Technology enhancements by creating Keynote, Powerpoints,Inspirationand Kidpiration viusal presentatons are completed in each semester.Reading for pure pleasure is recommended and encouraged.



The Library:

It looks like any building
 When you pass it on the street
 Made of stone and glass and marble
 Made of iron and concrete.

 But once inside you can ride
  A camel or a train
 Visit Rome, Siam, or Nome,
 Feel a hurricane,
 Meet a king, learn to sing,
 How to bake a pie,
 Go to sea, plant a tree,
 Find how airplanes fly,
 Train a horse, and of course
 Have all the dogs you’d like,
 See the moon, a sandy dune,
 Or catch a whopping pike.
 Everything that books can bring
 You’ll find inside those walls.
 A world is there for you to share
 When adventure calls.

 You cannot tell its magic
 by the way the building looks,
 But there’s wonderment within it,
 The wonderment of books

 Ellen Roberts