This Week's Spelling List


Due to the new Spelling Series, Sitton Spelling, your child will no longer have a list of spelling words to memorize and study for.  This new series teaches students skills and strategies on how to spell words. 

The following list of words are called “Level 5 Priority Words.” These are words that fifth grade students should know by now.

a       been      find           his      know      my            out      the   to          were       about     but       first         how       like       no     over    their       too        what      after        by        for        I      little    not        people     them     two        when        all     called    from     if          long       now       said        then        up     where   an       can        had          in        made        of        see     there  use     which       and        could      has        into        make    on     she     these       very       who        are        did         have     is     many    one         so         they       was        will         as       do      he        it          may        only       some      they're     water  with
at       down        her        its         more       or          than    this      way     words       be         each       him        just        most  other    that    time         we        would       you       your       you're


The following list of words are called “Level 5 Core Words.” These are words that fifth grade students will know by the end of the year.

A:  able, about, above, across, add, addition, after, again, against, age, ago, ahead, air, all, almost, alone, along, already, also, although, always, am, American, among, amount, animal, another, answer, any, anything, area, around, asked, away

B:  baby, back, bad, ball, base, beautiful, became, bed, been, before, began, begin, behind, being, below, beside, best, better, between, big, bird, bit, black, blood, blue, boat, body, book, both, bottom, box, boy, bright, bring, brother, brought, build, built, business, but, buy

C:  called, came, cannot, can't car, care, carefully, carry, case, catch, caught, center, certain, change, check, child, children, choose, circle, city, class, clear, close, cold, color, come, common, complete, copy, corner, correct, could, couldn't, country, course, cover, cut

D:  dark, day, dead, deep, did, didn't, difference, different, difficult, direction, distance, does, doesn't, done, don't door, down, draw, dry, during

E:  each, early, earth, easy, eat, edge, eight, either, else, end, energy, English, enough, especially, even, ever, every, everyone, everything, example, except, explain, eye

F:  face, fact, fall, family, famous, far, farm, fast, father, feel, feet, fell, felt, few, field, figure, finally, find, fine, fire, first, fish, five, flat, floor, fly, follow, food, foot, for, force, forest, form, forward, found, four, free, friend, from, front, full, fun

G: game, garden, gave, general, get, girl, give, glass, go, going, gold, gone, good, got, government, grass, great, green, grew, ground, group, grow, guess

H:  hair, half, hand, happened, happy, hard, , head, hear, heard, heart, heat, heavy, held, help, here, he's, high, himself, history, hit, hold, home, horse, hour, house, however, huge, human, hundred

I:  ice, idea, I'll, I'm, important, information, inside, instead, iron, island, isn't, itself, I've

J:  job, just

K:  keep, kept, kind, knew, know

L:  land language, large, last, late, later, lay, learn, learned, least, leave, leaves, led, left, length, less, letter, life, light, like, line, list, listen, little, live, lived, living, long, longer, look, lost, lot, low

M:  machine, made, main, make, many, map, mark, material, matter, maybe, mean, measure, meet, men, middle, might, milk, mind, minute, miss, modern, moment, money, moon, more, morning, most, mother, mountain, mouth, move, much, music, must

N:  name, natural, near, necessary, need, never, new, next, night, nor, north, note, nothing, notice, number

O:  object, ocean, off, often, oh, oil, once, one, open, order, other, our, out, outside, over, own

P:  page, pair, paper, part, party, past, pattern, pay, people, perhaps, period, person, picture, piece, place, plan, plane, plants, play, point, poor, possible, power, practice, present, probably, problem, put

Q:  question, quite

R:  race, rain, rather, reach, read, reading, ready, real, really, reason, record, red, region, remember, rest, result, rich, ride, right, river, road, rock, room, round, run

S:  sad, said, same, sand, saw, say, school, sea, second, see, seem, seen, sent, sentence, set, seven, several, shape, shell, ship, short, should, show, shown, side, sign, simple, since, single, six, size, skin, sky, sleep, small, snow, soft, soil, some, someone, something, soon, sound, south, space, speak, special, speed, spring, square, stand, start, state, stay, step, still, stone, stood, stop, store, story, straight, strange, street, strong, study, subject, such, suddenly, summer, suppose, sure, surface, system

T:  table, tail, take, talk, tall, teacher, team, tell, temperature, ten, test, that's, their, themselves, thin, thing, think, third, those, though, thought, thousand, three, through, thus, time, tiny, today, together, told, took, top, toward, town, travel, tree, trip,trouble, true, try, turn, turned, two

U:  under, understand, unit, United States, until, upon, use, usually

V:  various, very, village, voice

W:  wait, walked, wall, want, war, warm, wasn't, watch, water, way, weather, week, weight, we'll, well, went, were, what, when, where, whether, which, while, white, who, whole, whose, why, wide, wife, wild, will, wind, window, winter, wish, with, within,without, woman, won't wood, words, work, world, would, write, wrong, wrote

Y:  year, yellow, yes, yet, you, young, your, you're, yourself